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Create And Label An Exciting Volcano Craftivity

Did you know that there are roughly 15,000 active volcanoes in the world? I had no idea! While studying volcanoes and natural disasters with students, you learn so much you never knew about the world. This Volcano Craft is a great activity to complete while studying natural disasters and landforms in science. I’m going to share all of the fun ways to use this exciting volcano craftivity in this post!

Label a volcano craft activity with writing prompts.

Use The Volcano Craft For Science

In early elementary school, students learn about many types of natural disasters and landforms. They study tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis and volcanoes. Kids really enjoy learning about the wonders of a volcano. It seems to fascinate them that lava comes out of the deepest parts of the earth and can destroy everything in its path on its way down the volcano.

Volcano Craft and Volcano writing prompt with labels hanging up in a classroom.

This Volcano Craft can easily be used while learning about the parts of a volcano. The craft comes with labels for the ash cloud, volcano, crater, lava and rock. There is also a template students can use to record their research on volcanoes. There is so much for students to research and record about volcanoes. This activity is a great way to help students learn and remember facts about this natural phenomenon.

Use The Volcano Craft With Literacy

The Volcano Craft to help your little ones study the letter V. There aren’t many things that start with the letter V, so this craft is a great visual. You can use it in preschool without the labels or with older students to discuss the parts of a volcano. Pair it with a lesson about dinosaurs and you’ll have the kids super excited to learn about volcanoes!

Volcano labeling craft activity has been completed and colored by a student.

To make this craft, print or copy the templates onto colored construction paper. There is also an option to print it on white paper so your kids can color the volcano by themselves. If you have students learning from home, there is a 3 page pdf file to send to them so they can complete the craft at home as well!

Students simply follow your directions to cut out each piece. Then they paste them together. Once the volcano is all put together, you can have them label the parts of the volcano for an added educational element! I like to cut the labels out for them so the display is nice and neat, but if your kiddos have great fine motor skills they can do it themselves.

Volcano craft is on a wooden board with pencil, scissors and crayons.

The completed craft is a fantastic showcase of everything they have learned about landforms and volcanoes.It also makes an eye catching bulletin board or hallway display that the kids won’t stop talking about!

Volcano writing activity and craft with labels.

This craft is part of my Dinosaur Craft Bundle. Kids can create several different types of dinosaurs, archaeologists, cave people, woolly mammoth and the volcano with this pack. It’s a great bundle to have while studying prehistoric animals, archaeology and events of the past.

Enjoy creating this exciting Volcano Craftivity with your little ones while studying landforms, natural disasters and volcanoes!

Check out how to make this fun volcano craft in the video below!

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Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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