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Transportation Crafts Your Kiddos Will Love Making!

Students love learning about different vehicles. There are so many types of vehicles and modes of transportation in the world. Show kids how amazing these vehicles are using transportation crafts in many shapes and sizes. Continue reading to learn about 11 different crafts kids can create to decorate bulletin boards.

Transportation crafts bundle

Truck Transportation Craft

Kids love trucks and vehicles! Use this semi-truck craft to discuss transporting goods across the country or the state! Teach them about 16-wheelers and what types of things might be carried inside a large truck bed.

Print the truck template on multiple colors to make a bright bulletin board display. Kids will be flattered to see their hard work up on the wall.

Train Transportation Craft

A form of locomotion that many students may not get to experience is a train. Teach them how trains move on tracks and the different parts of a train. Remind them that trains can carry people or goods across the world.

This train can be easily paired with fun books about trains. One great title is “The Little Engine That Could“. Read the story and discuss how students should continue trying no matter what.

Tractor Transportation Craft

A tractor craft is a great way to talk about the types of machines farmers use to grow food and take care of animals. Have a discussion with students about what they know about farms. Make a list of things they know and things they want to know.

Then, let them create a tractor craft to decorate the bulletin board. Print the templates on colored cardstock or white paper. Let them color the craft for extra fine motor practice.

Submarine Transportation Craft

Kids find submarines fascinating! Teach kids about submarines and all of the cool things they can do under the water. This is a great craft to use while talking about ocean life and studying sea creatures.

Use this craft to decorate your ocean themed classroom or start a school year with a fun summer saying and ocean life swimming around the sub.

Bus Craft

Back-to-school time is a great time to make a bus craft. As kids start their new school year, invite them to make a little bus. Talk about all of the fun things that are going to happen during the school year as they complete the craft.

These cute buses make adorable crafts to decorate a back-to-school year bulletin board. Kids can get creative and draw students in the windows of the buses, too!

Hot Air Balloon Craft

Hot air balloons are so cool! Use this craft as a fun science lesson to teach kids about how hot air balloons work! Show them through videos and books how hot air makes light material rise. Explain that many people fly in these balloons to check out the land around them.

Use this craft to invite students to write a short story. Let them write things they may want to see from a balloon or where they might travel!

Helicopter Transportation Craft

Helicopters are powerful machines that can fly through the air. There are helicopters used to transport people with medical needs, they also rescue people from oceans and mountains. Kids love spotting them in the sky.

This is a great craft to use when discussing modes of transportation. It’s also a fun craft if you are talking about syllables. Helicopter has four syllables in it. Use it to practice counting syllables in words.

Car Craft

Every child will probably know what a car is and how they look inside. Let kids share what type of car their parents drive (color, how many seats, etc). There are many books about cars that would pair nicely with this cute craft!

Print the templates on multiple different colors of paper so you have a rainbow of cars on your bulletin board display.

Boat Craft

Little tugboats work hard to carry things across the ocean. Help kids research tugboats and different types of boats that move on the water.

Print these crafts as a fun way to wrap up a lesson about boats and to decorate the walls of the classroom. Add a writing piece after conducting research as well!

See how simple this boat craft is to create with kids below!

Airplane Transportation Craft

Before starting this craft, ask kids if they have flown in an airplane. Talk about how airplanes work and places they may fly. Show them videos about airplanes and see what they already know!

Use these airplane crafts to discuss air transportation and then display them to showcase student work. Pair them with fun books about planes or to make a bulletin board that promotes flying into a great school year.

I hope you love these adorable transportation crafts as much as kids do! Use them in so many ways and have fun!

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Transportation crafts bundle
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