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Interactive Alphabet Notebook

   I really love Interactive Notebooks and how much fun they can be for students! I created my first Alpbabet Notebook and I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out and just loved that I was able to take my craft patterns and add a new element to them.  It can be used for several age groups, definitely kindergarten and first grade, and then preschool with some assistance.
Here’s the cover page.  Just take a regular spiral bound notebook (8 1/2″ by 11″) and glue the cover on top and centered.  It also has the option for the students to draw a picture instead of an apple as well as a page with dotted lines for students who still need help writing their name. 
Here are some example pages:
Letter A Pages
Letter B Pages
Letter C Pages
Letter D Pages
This Interactive Notebook comes with crafts and worksheets to make all 26 letters crafts you see here.

You can grab it here.
Instead of a notebook you also could bind white paper or construction paper together if you’d prefer something a little sturdier or without lines.  This is something I’d give to parents as an end of the year gift or as examples of their child’s work.  Do a letter a week and it will be sure to be a hit with your kiddos!
On that note, I definitely see more interactive notebooks in my future 🙂

UPDATE: It’s been over 2 years since I wrote this post and I wanted to show you that I have created a lot of Interactive Notebook since!  After many requests, I created a second Uppercase Interactive Notebook so if there is a letter sound you’d like to trade out, you can flip flop a letter from the new notebook.  For teachers who have students two years in a row they can also alternate the notebooks each year!  Here’s a look at my Uppercase Interactive Notebook #2!
And here are the crafts included!  Please make a note that the layouts are exactly the same but new clip art has been added to still make the pages different!
If you liked the uppercase letter, I now also have a Lowercase Interactive Notebook! This is great because now students can learn to recognize both the uppercase and lowercase forms of each letter. This notebook comes with 3 different layouts for the writing page to accommodate younger ages. 
More cute crafts included in this notebook!
And a preview of the layouts!
You can also get a little discount by snagging up my Lowercase and Uppercase Notebook bundle here: Interactive Notebook Bundle.
Here’s a quick rundown of some of my other new notebooks!  You can take a closer look at each of them and the crafts included by clicking the links below the pictures 🙂


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Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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Hi, I’m Laura and I am the creator of Crafty Bee Creations.  I am a former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.  I have a passion for designing craft resources that are not only fun and engaging but work children’s fine motor skills too! 


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