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Make a Cute Leprechaun Craft For Your Classroom

Wednesday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day! This is such a fun day for little kids because they love using their imagination. Every year, we make leprechaun traps to try to catch the little St. Patrick’s Day tricksters. We play tons of St. Patty’s themed games and activities and we always make a fun craft. I’m going to share this cute Leprechaun Craft with you below!

Tissue Paper Leprechaun Craft Activity for March.

What is St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the life of the patron saint, St. Patrick in Ireland. Over the years, the holiday has evolved into celebrations including parades, special dishes, dances, and plenty of green! Depending on your cultural background, you may celebrate more than others nearby. We like to keep it fun and exciting for the kids with plenty of themed activities and crafts.

St. Patrick's day craft using tissue paper, scissors and crayons.

Materials Needed to Complete This Craft

To prepare this craft for your little ones, all you will need is paper to print the templates onto, scissors, glue and optional tissue paper. The paper you use can be colored construction paper or cardstock, or you can print the templates onto plain paper to be colored. You can choose either option based on the specific needs or interests of your students.

This Leprechaun Craft has been colored by a student.

Create the leprechaun with either a bushy beard or a handsome bowtie!

How to Make a Fun Tissue Paper Beard

For an added element of differentiation, you can have kids create a 3D beard for the leprechaun using orange issue paper. Here are the steps to do it:

Step one of the leprechaun craft is to cut orange tissue paper into small squares.

First, cut or tear small pieces of tissue paper. I like to place these in small containers for students to have at their seats or to share with their table.

Step two of the leprechaun craft is to roll the tissue paper into balls.

Next, roll the tissue paper into balls. Remind the kids not to make the balls too small or it will take forever to fill in the beard.

Step three of the leprechaun craft is to glue the tissue paper to the beard.

Then, place dots of glue on the leprechaun’s beard. You can use glue sticks or liquid glue. It’s up to you!

Step four of the leprechaun craft is to glue the tissue paper to the beard and fill in all the spaces.

Last, place the rolled up tissue paper onto the glue dots. Remind students to spread the tissue paper out over the whole beard.

The leprechaun craft is finished with a nice full beard of orange tissue paper.

Make sure to fill the leprechaun’s beard in nicely, they have nice full beards! This is great fine motor practice for those little ones whose hand and finger muscles are still developing.

Other Ways to Use The Leprechaun Craft

If the timing lines up, this makes for a perfect study on the letter L. Preschoolers enjoy making crafts to represent letters they are studying. If you learn about the letter L in March, you may as well use the leprechaun as an example!

Leprechaun craft is laying on a wooden board with scissors, crayons and colored pencils.

You can easily pair this craft with a St. Patrick’s Day story like The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing or How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace. There are tons of great stories out there that would work well with this craft. I love reading a story and then wrapping up with a craft!

The leprechaun crafts make a great bulletin board display.

I know you will love using this adorable Leprechaun Craft to practice fine motor skills and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. When you are finished, hang them in the hallway or on a bulletin board to make things festive!

If you want to get really crafty and festive, check out the whole St. Patrick’s Day craft Bundle! There are 8 crafts to choose from so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy this March! Have fun and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Check out this craft in action in this quick video!

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