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7 Exciting Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids

What kid doesn’t LOVE going to the zoo to see all the cool animals? The animals are incredible to study and visit. Whether you head to the zoo as a family or with a class of excited students, it’s always a great time. I want to share my First Bundle of Zoo Animal Crafts with you, so that your little ones can create their own paper zoo as they learn. This bundle is the first of two zoo animal crafts bundles! I’m so excited to show you the adorable crafts in this set.

Main image shows six zoo animal crafts. They are a hippo, a zebra, a giraffe, a lion, an elephant and a monkey. There are scissors and colored crayons lying next to all of the cute animal crafts. Each animal has cute pink cheeks.

Why Use The Zoo Crafts Bundle?

You may be wondering: Why do I need so many zoo animals?

Having a variety lets you do plenty of crafts all year long. You can align them with your animal studies, writing units and even just for fun. For example, if you are learning about elephants, you can have each child complete an elephant craft. The craft can be paired with a writing piece or just used to decorate a bulletin board.

This zoo animal craft is an elephant. The elephant has large gray ears and they are pink on the inside. A pair of pink scissors and some pink and gray crayons lay nearby. The craft is on a wooden board and some green leafy paper.

Depending on the year, your school may have a theme. This upcoming year may be a safari or zoo theme. Decorating the halls with these friendly animals will create an inviting feel for the students as they enter the door.

You can place a colorful display outside of the library to invite excited readers or just inside the school doors as a happy hello. The options are endless with this bundle.

Here is the giraffe zoo animal craft. It is lying on a wooden board and some paper decorated with giraffe spots. There is a brown, yellow and pink crayon and a pink pair of scissors lying nearby. There are also colored animal figurines in the image.

Maybe you have a class trip to the zoo planned! Celebrate with a zoo animal craft and writing activity either before or after going. The kids will like writing about their time at the zoo and the animals are great to hang around the room. if you aren’t able to visit the zoo, this is a great way to create your own zoo experience at home or in the classroom.

This is a hippo zoo animal craft. The hippo is on a wooden board and some paper decorated with green leaves. There are pink and gray crayons lying near the hippo as well as a pink pair of scissors.

More Reasons to Use These Crafts

We like to pair our crafts with our units and a lovely story. When learning about zoo animals, I read The View At The Zoo by Kathleen Long Bostrom. The story is full of rhymes and silly animals around the zoo. Another great read aloud is The Gingerbread Man Loose At The Zoo by Laura Murray. We read The Gingerbread Man Loose In The School around the holidays, so the kids like to hear this version also when studying animals. There are so many great zoo animal read alouds for kids.

The lion zoo animal craft has been set on a wooden board and a striped piece of paper. The stripes are multicolored. There is a yellow, orange and black crayon on the board, as well as an orange pair of scissors. The lion is yellow with a lion orange mane and rosy pink cheeks.

Additionally, if you want to create your own little zoo in the classroom, you can have each student complete their favorite zoo animal. When everyone is finished, place them together on a display or bulletin board. That makes one EPIC display that kids will love seeing each day.

Two zookeeper crafts are hung up by green magnetic clips on a whiteboard. There are dry erase markers in magnetic containers on the board as well. The zookeeper crafts are male and female and are each holding a cute little monkey. The female craft has blonde, yellow hair and the male has black hair.

Which Animals Are Included in the Bundle?

This First Zoo Animal Craft Bundle is packed with 131 pages of crafting fun. Each craft comes with step by step directions for completing the activity. The crafts can be printed on colored paper so all the students have to do is cut and paste them together. They can also be printed on plain paper if the students prefer to color their own animals before putting them together. It’s up to you!

This zoo animal craft is the monkey. It has been colored with a brown crayon, which is lying nearby. The craft is on a wooden board and colorful striped paper. There are also orange scissors and a pink and black crayon on the board.

The first bundle comes with 7 different zoo themed crafts. We have the elephant, the giraffe, the hippo, the lion, the monkey, the zebra, and the zoo keepers. Each of them has a pleasant friendly smile that will make your kiddos’ day. Plenty of common animals to choose from and tons of ways to use them with your kiddos.

The zebra zoo animal craft has been placed on a brown cork board with a gray, black and pink crayon. There is also a pink pair of scissors. The board is on striped zebra paper. Some small animal figurines are lying nearby.

If you’re looking for even more zoo animal crafts, be sure to check out my Big Zoo Animal Craft Bundle with a total of 13 crafts! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting about that amazing bundle soon enough, so stay tuned.

Take a look at the giraffe craft below!

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Laura Bensley

Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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