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Interactive Notebook – Engaging Way to Learn the Spanish Alphabet

With so many cultures and languages in our world, I find it important to teach students about the Spanish Alphabet. Growing up, I learned the Spanish alphabet. I loved seeing the differences in letters and words compared to the English language. To make things fun for my kids, I created this Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook as a spinoff of my other interactive notebooks. The activities are very similar but all relate to the Spanish letters of the alphabet. Let me show you!

Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook featuring Dinosaurio and other things that start with letter D.

How Different Is the Spanish Alphabet?

The Spanish Alphabet is extremely similar to the English Alphabet except that it also has an Ñ, CH, LL and RR consonant sounds. While the letters look the same, they are pronounced differently. You can watch this video to hear the pronunciations if you need help.

Ii es para Isla (I if for island). An example of a page from the Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook.

While you might think that the words in Spanish start with the same letter that they do in English, they don’t! As you can see in the image above, Rainbow is Arco iris and starts with A, Whale is Ballena and starts with B, and Rabbit is Conejo and starts with C. The kids are always very interested in these differences, so the visuals from this interactive notebook are extremely helpful reminders.

What’s Inside the Notebook?

The Spanish Interactive Notebook comes with a craft as well as three worksheets for each letter. Depending on the skills set and needs of your kiddos, you can use all of the activity pages, or just some of them. It’s up to you to customize it the way that works best.

Example of each page of the Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook, including craft, fine motor activities, coloring and more.

Each craft is the letter in question made to look like an object or animal that starts with that letter. The first activity page allows students to trace the capital and lowercase version of the Spanish letter and cut and color objects that start with that letter.

Ll es para Langosta (L is for lobster). Example of a page from the Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook.

The second activity page option lets students color objects that start with the letter, while leaving objects uncolored that don’t start with that letter. Below that is an opportunity to sort capital and lowercase letters of the Spanish Alphabet that correspond to the letter the kids are working on.

The final activity page has students using colored pencils, markers, crayons or paint daubers to mark all of the letters that match the letter being worked on. Then, students can stamp the letter, rainbow write the letter and create the letter using stickers.

The consonant CH featured in the  Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook. CH es para chicle (CH is for gum).

How To Assemble The Spanish Notebook

To create this Interactive Notebook, you will need a spiral notebook for each child. If you plan to have the kids do the craft and one activity page, you will need 70 page notebooks. You may also plan to have the kids do the craft and all three activity pages. In this case, each child will need a notebook with 140 pages. If you don’t want to purchase spiral bound notebooks, you can bind white cardstock together instead. The benefit of this option is that you can laminate the front and back covers. This makes a wonderful keepsake!

Three spiral bound Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebooks with cover pages and customized students names.

If you aren’t interested in the craft option, you can print the coloring pages that are included in the download. Students can glue the pages to their notebooks and color the image while you discuss the letter. This is also a great morning work option to warm students up for the day’s activities.

Image of A, B, and C colored by students in the Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook. A is for Arco iris, B is for Ballena, C is for Conejo.

Other Things To Know

This Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook comes with step by step directions for assembling the craft pages. This will make it simple for you to prep ahead of time. I have also included Spanish versions of all of the directions and assembly instructions.

Uu es para Unicornio ( U is for unicorn). An example of a page from the Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook.

Hopefully this Spanish Alphabet Interactive Notebook is useful for your and your little learners!

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