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How to Practice Name Recognition with a Spring Flowers Name Craft

With spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to do a colorful Spring Flowers Name Craft. Kids really enjoy creating crafts that showcase their names. It’s fun for them and you know it’s helping them with their letter recognition, spelling their name, and fine motor skills. This craft in particular lets kids write a little something about spring as well. Keep reading to see how you can use these fun crafts in your home or classroom to get kids excited for spring.

Spring Flower Name Craft

Why Should I Add Their Name to the Craft?

Kids all learn to read and write at different paces. One of the first things they most likely learn to read and write is their own name. You will often see kids writing their names backward or just writing the letters out of order. It takes some time and practice to get the spelling and letters correct.

A craft like the Spring Flowers Name Craft helps kids visualize their names and put the letters in the right order. Have the kids write the letters themselves and then organize them. The activity is the perfect addition to a morning workstation, small group intervention, preschool activity, or craft just for fun.

Spring Flower Name Craft
The kids will love seeing their names up on the wall and all their hard work displayed.

How To Complete the Spring Craft

Putting this Spring Flowers Name Craft together is very simple. All of the templates are provided for you in the download. Just print the pieces onto the colored cardstock of your choice. Then, you or your kids cut out the pieces and assemble.

There is a space on the flowerpot for kids to write about why they love spring. Before letting them write, brainstorm some ideas. Help them think about fun things we can do in spring, like riding bikes, picking flowers, having picnics, and so much more.

You can find the Flower Craft by clicking this link or any of the pictures on this page.

Spring Flower Name Craft
Print the flowers and basket onto any colored construction paper you want. The possibilities for colorful flowers are endless!

Activities to Do With This Spring Flowers Name Craft

Trying to figure out how to tie this craft into a lesson or purposeful activity? With it being spring, it’s a fun time to talk about the parts of a flower or the life cycle of a flower. Read some of your favorite books about plants and flowers and then complete the craft. Two of our favorite books about plants are Seed to Plant, by National Geographic Kids and I Can Grow a Flower, by DK. You can find them both on Amazon.

Both of these books talk about the life cycle of familiar plants and point out the parts of those plants. Reading these books or any book about plants is a great way to introduce the Spring Flowers Name Craft. Adding their names to the craft is just a fun bonus!

Spring Flower Name Craft
Kids will love coloring and decorating their own crafts.

The Spring Flowers Name Craft is also available in a coloring page option. Simply print the three page coloring craft and cut the pieces out. Pre-cut the shapes or let kids cut their own out to practice more fine motor skills. They will love coloring their flowers any way they want and customizing their names.

I hope you enjoy completing this craft with your little ones. You will love the beautiful bulletin board displays they create and the kids will enjoy seeing their names up on the wall for everyone to read.

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Spring Flowers Name Craft
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Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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