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An Easy Earth Day Coloring Craft Activity for Spring

While Earth Day should be celebrated all year long, many people recognize it in the spring. It’s the perfect time to get outside in the warm weather and do some gardening and planting. We teach little ones about the importance of keeping our planet clean and show them all of the wonderful plants our Earth provides for us. Use this simple Earth Day Craft to show kids how wonderful our world can be. Pair it with a writing prompt about the Earth and you have a fantastic bulletin board display for the wall.

Earth Day Craft

How to Use the Earth Man Craft Activity?

When thinking about crafts to do in the spring, be sure to add some activities that discuss the importance of plants and taking care of our planet. Spring is the perfect time because new plants are growing and seeds are spreading on their own. The Earth Day Craft is the perfect addition to a lesson about Earth Day or a study on outer space! It’s also a great activity to complete while studying the letter E in younger grades.

The Earth Man can be printed onto colored construction paper and glued together or it makes a great coloring activity for kids practicing their fine motor skills. You might talk about why the water is blue and the continents are green on a globe.

Kids simply color and cut their craft before piecing it together. The blue circle goes on the bottom with the green landforms on top. Add the adorable eyes, mouth, arms, and legs and you have a cute Earth man to display!

Earth Day Craft

Fun Read Alouds For Earth Day

We love to read books when doing crafts. They pair so nicely and tie everything together. Here is a list of some Earth Day books we have read and thoroughly enjoy. Put them on your bookshelves for kids to read by themselves or read them out loud during the week you celebrate Earth Day.

  • I Am Earth by James McDonald
  • My Friend Earth by Patricia MacLachlan
  • Planet Earth by Jill McDonald
  • The Earth Book by Todd Parr
  • Arthur Turns Brown by Marc Brown
  • Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

Read your favorite Earth Day book and discuss all of the ways we can help keep our planet clean and green for future generations. Then, complete this Earth Man Craft to wrap it all up.

Earth Day Craft

Writing Prompt Ideas to Pair with the Craft

Trying to figure out a writing prompt that kids might enjoy using while completing this Earth Day craft? Here are a few ideas.

  • Have kids write about the importance of recycling.
  • Tell kids to list items the Earth provides for us.
  • I believe in helping the Earth because…
  • When I take care of the Earth, I feel…
  • Have kids make a list of items they can and cannot recycle.
  • Brainstorm ways to reuse objects you might otherwise toss out.
  • Have each child name something they plan to use less of in their house (water, plastic, etc).
  • Write about what happens if we don’t take care of our planet.

These fun writing prompts will get your kids thinking about our effects on Earth and what they can do to make it a better place. Paired with the Earth Man Craft, it’s a fantastic way to set our future generations up in a cleaner world.

If you do a study on outer space, you will love these fun Space Crafts! This bundle of crafts includes a variety of alien crafts, an astronaut craft, the Earth man craft, Mars, the moon, Saturn, a shooting star, the sun, and 2 versions of a spaceship! There are 13 crafts to choose from in all.

Check out the craft in action below!

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Earth Day Craft
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