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A Firefly Craft to Add to the Summer Fun

In the summertime, kids love to be outside as much as possible. I know they have technology and tons of toys inside, but something is exciting about staying up later and catching fireflies as the sun goes down. It’s a nostalgic activity that many kids remember for years to come. Try this Firefly Craft with your kids and enjoy just a little more of summertime before it goes away.

How to Make a Firefly Craft

Making a firefly craft is super simple. I have the templates and instructions laid out for you. All you have to do is print or trace the templates onto colorful paper. Print the jar onto blue construction paper and the lid onto gray. Then, print the firefly onto yellow, black, gray, and brown. Don’t forget the little red nose. Don’t worry, the download comes with step-by-step instructions, so you know exactly what to do.

What you will need:

  • Printer
  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • instructions to piece it all together
Firefly Craft

Let Kids Color Their Own Fireflies

Instead of printing the template onto colored construction paper or cardstock, print them onto white paper. I recommend using cardstock or construction paper if you have them for durability. The kids will color and assemble their craft any way they would like.

Helpful tip: Put together your own craft and let kids copy what you have done. If you don’t feel like calling out instructions, this is a great way to let them get creative and put their’s together in a unique way.

Firefly Craft

Why Should I Make a Firefly Craft?

Crafts are an excellent incentive for positive behavior at home or in the classroom. They are also beneficial because they help develop fine motor skills in young children. The kids have to color using a pincer grip and use scissors. This helps the little muscles in their hands and will eventually be helpful for their handwriting skills.

Use the firefly craft to incentivize classroom behavior and anything else you can think of. Most kids love completing fun crafts and they make lovely bulletin board displays for the hallways and walls.

Another great reason to make a firefly craft is when you are doing a study on insects. Fireflies (or lightning bugs) are six-legged insects with wings, abdomen, thorax, and head, as well as antennae. Kids will enjoy creating their own and capturing it in the handmade jar.

Firefly Craft

Use this sweet Firefly Craft to study the letter F in preschool or kindergarten while practicing fine motor skills. It’s a great activity to have on hand for a rainy day or to do during small group stations. If you have the time, let students write about why they love fireflies or tell a story about a time they caught fireflies. It’s such a great activity to open up fun discussions.

Fun Firefly Books to Read with Kids

Reading a book before completing a craft is a great way to get kids excited to use their hands. Some kids need a reason to be put to work, so read a fun story to get started. Here are a few fun books you will love reading with your kids:

  • Fly, Firefly by Shanna Keller – This story is beautifully written about a firefly who mistakes lights down by the ocean to be other fireflies. Read the story and go on a wild ride with the insect to find his firefly friends.
  • Ten Little Fireflies by Deb Gruelle – This simple book introduces kids to numbers 1 through 10 as they count fireflies zooming around in the sky. Use this with preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning to count.
  • Firefly Home by Jane Clarke – Florence Firefly is lost, and she doesn’t know which way to go. This interactive book lets the reader encourage Florence to fly faster and help her decide which direction to take to get home.

Want More Summer Crafts?

If you are looking for more summer crafts to do with your little ones, try the crafts in my Summer Crafts Bundle. There are 12 crafts total to choose from, including this firefly craft. The other crafts in the bundle are:

  • Beach Ball Craft
  • Beach Bucket Craft
  • Butterfly Craft
  • Flip Flops Craft
  • Ice Cream Craft
  • Lemonade Craft
  • Popsicle Craft
  • Sandcastle Craft
  • Swimsuit Craft
  • Swimming Kids Craft
  • Watermelon Craft

You’ll have everything you need to finish out the summer with fun crafts every week! Use them to decorate your home or bulletin boards, and don’t forget to have fun.

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Firefly Craft
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