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Simple & Helpful Kissing Hand Craft for Kids

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a classic read by so many families as little ones transition to school. The heart-warming story helps children adapt to change and new things. Change is so hard for everyone, so having a fun way to make everything ok is so comforting. Use this fun Kissing Hand Craft and Writing Activity to make your kids feel better about their transition. Whether it’s starting at a new school, heading to school for the first time, or spending more time away from parents, this book and activity are super helpful.

What’s Included With the Kissing Hand Craft?

This amazing craft comes with everything you need to make a cute back-to-school bulletin board with your new class. Each child will be able to make their own Chester raccoon and write about how they felt on their first day. Here’s what’s included in the download:

  • A photograph of the craft activity
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Templates that can be copied directly onto colored cardstock or construction paper and then cut out by students. 
  • Labeled templates that can be xeroxed onto cardstock, cut by the teacher, and then traced onto colored paper and cut by students. Labels will include the pattern’s name, the color to use, and how many of each pattern to cut.
  • Coloring templates

Kids will love the coloring option of this craft because they can customize the raccoon and the heart on its hand. Give them markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color everything in. It’s a great way to practice fine motor skills.

The Kissing Hand Craft

How Do I Make The Kissing Hand Craft?

If you have done any of my crafts in the past, you know that they come with step-by-step instructions to help you through the process. Everything is laid out for you! I recommend making a model craft that kids can copy or refer to as they complete their craft. Either that or call out the instructions one at a time to work on their skills with direction following.

To complete this craft, print your templates onto colored cardstock. You will be using gray, black, white, and pink for the pieces of this craft. Start by layering the eye and mouth pieces on the head piece. Tuck the ears behind the head. Then, add the hands on top of the mouth, like a kiss. Don’t forget the heart on the hand! Your Kissing Hand is complete.


Kissing Hand Writing Activity

Part of this fun craft is a simple writing activity that kids will complete after they put their craft together. It’s an excellent way to let kids express their feelings during their first day of school. Not to mention, they make super cute bulletin board decorations for the start of the new school year.

The kids will write their names and one word to describe how they felt throughout the day. Encourage them to share if they were excited, happy, scared, nervous, anxious, or even silly! Model how they might complete their craft and writing activity first, and then let them take the lead.

Watch this quick video to see how simple the craft and writing activity are to set up!

When Should I Use This Craft?

The Kissing Hand craft and writing activity are perfect for back to school or any time of year when kids might be feeling anxious about a transition. It’s the perfect way to reassure them they are loved.

It’s also a great activity for practicing the letter K or to use as a classroom reward. Kids love crafts, so use it to incentivise great behavior while at school or at home.

A craft and writing activity are always fantastic options to practice fine motor skills with little kids. The cutting, manipulating, and writing components of this craft get the small muscles in their hands working.

Enjoy creating this craft with your kids and try some of my other Book Companion Crafts and Activities! There are 36 crafts to choose from. Some books included are the Pigeon books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Knuffle Bunny, Mosstletoe, and the Bear series! You’ll love every one of them.

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The Kissing Hand Craft
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