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An Easy & Not So Spooky Spider Craft for Fine Motor Skills

Spiders are creepy and crawly, but they are the perfect decorations for Halloween and the spooky fall season. There are many exciting things to learn about spiders, and this Spider Craft is the perfect way to teach your kids some fun facts. I’ll show you how simple it is to prep and complete this adorable spider craft with your little ones. Keep reading to learn more.

Spider Craft for Kids

How to Create the Spider Craft

Downloading and using this spider craft is super simple. Print the template onto black construction paper or cardstock and cut the pieces out. If you have very young children, cut out the pieces before they put things together. Older kids can practice their fine motor skills and cut the body and legs out themselves if you wish.

If you want the kids to practice more fine motor skills, print the templates onto plain white cardstock or paper. Let the kids color their spiders black (or any color they would like). Then, they can cut the templates out and piece them together. Kids will enjoy decorating their own spiders.

This spider craft is not only great for Halloween but for any time of year when you want to study spiders!

Spider Craft for Kids
Kids will love coloring their own spiders for Halloween.

Fun Facts About Spiders

Want some fun spider facts to share with your kids while researching them? Here are some interesting facts that kids will love.

  • Spiders are also called arachnids. They are not insects because they don’t have six legs.
  • The largest species of spider is the Tarantula from South America.
  • Spiders don’t get caught in their own webs because they have oils on their legs.
  • Not all spiders spin webs. Some use other methods to catch their food.
  • There are about 3,000 species of spiders in North America.
  • Spiders have 8 legs, 4 on each side.
  • A spider’s heart is a tube-like structure with lots of little holes in it.
  • The brain of the spider extends all along its body.
  • A spider’s body is made of the head and the abdomen.

Use these fun facts to teach kids about spiders as they do their own research.

Spider Craft for Kids
Use the spider crafts to decorate your classroom or hallway during the month of October.

Fun Spiders Books for Kids

As you continue your spider research with your kids, try using some fun titles for read-alouds. Here are a few of my favorites about spiders:

  • I’m Trying to Love Spiders by Bethany Barton – Follow the narrator, who is an arachnophobe, as they try to love spiders with a little bit of humor.
  • Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin – This story is a hilarious way to take the perspective of a spider and its daily habits.
  • Please Don’t Step On Us by Casey Crayne – Teach your kids about compassion for small creatures using this adorable story.
  • Frank, The Seven-Legged Spider by Michaele Razi – When a spider loses his leg, he has to figure out how to move on.
  • Sophie’s Masterpiece by Eileen Spinelli – Sophie the spider helps the tenants in the house she lives, but all they see is a yucky spider. This is a great story to teach kids about accepting everyone.
  • The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle – Kids will love this beautifully drawn book about spiders. It’s a classic for all childhoods.
  • Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood – This is a fantastic story if you are looking to teach kids about shapes while learning about spiders.

If you are looking for more Halloween Crafts, check out this Halloween Craft Bundle. Included in this amazing bundle are the following crafts:

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Kids will love learning about spiders with fun facts, reading adorable spider stories, and then creating their own spider craft to hang up on the wall. The finished crafts make wonderful bulletin board displays or hallway decorations. Enjoy making your own spiders with your kids!

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Spider Craft for Kids
Laura Bensley

Laura Bensley

Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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Hi, I’m Laura and I am the creator of Crafty Bee Creations.  I am a former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.  I have a passion for designing craft resources that are not only fun and engaging but work children’s fine motor skills too! 


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