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Christmas Around the World Crafts: 11 Unique Crafts to Choose From

Christmas Around the World isn’t complete without adorable crafts to go with each country! No matter which countries you study, these Holidays Around the World activities are sure to captivate your kids as they learn new traditions and holidays this time of year. In this Christmas Around the World bundle, there are 11 different countries to study and crafts to complete for each. Decorate your bulletin boards with beautiful activities, and watch as your kids are engaged and mesmerized by each of them.

Christmas Around the World Crafts

Advent Wreath Craft

As you travel to Germany, be sure to learn about the Advent wreath and its many candles. A candle is lit each day during the season of Advent to celebrate the season. Kids will enjoy learning about the tradition and making their own cut-and-paste Advent Wreaths to decorate the room.

Christmas Cracker Craft

The Christmas Cracker tradition originated in England. People put little toys, trinkets, and sweets inside a cardboard tube wrapped in decorative foil. Kids (and adults) pull the Christmas cracker open to reveal the contents inside around the Christmas holiday! Your kids will love making this simple craft to celebrate the tradition.

Christmas Tree Craft

In America, families celebrate Christmas by putting up a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The trees are adorned with lights, tinsel, ornaments, candy canes, and more. Let your students decorate their evergreen trees with ornaments and display them around the room during December. Kids will love making their own trees!

La Befana Craft

La Befana is the witch of Christmas in Italy! Don’t worry; she’s a friendly witch who rides her broom around the country, giving people gifts and treats. There are many fun tales about her, so be sure to share them with your kids before making this hands-on craft activity. This is such a fun activity for your Christmas Around the World unit.

Matryoshka Doll Craft

A Matryoshka doll, also known as a Babushka doll, is a set of wooden dolls that decrease in size, and you to place one inside the other. They are a Russian Christmas tradition that your students will love learning about during your Christmas Around the World unit. Students will love making their very own cut-and-paste Matryoshka doll and seeing it hung up in your classroom.

Menorah Craft

The Menorah is a beautiful candle lit during the season of Hanukkah in Israel. There are 9 candles, and children usually receive goodies or gifts on each day of Hanukkah. Let kids make their own Menorah as they learn about the exciting tradition. It will look great hanging up on the wall or decorating your refrigerator.

Poinsettia Craft

In Mexico, people put out tons and tons of Poinsettias to celebrate the holiday. It’s a beautiful tradition and a symbol of new birth. This makes a beautiful bulletin board display during the month of December. Students will love how simple and colorful this bright craft is.

Tomten Craft

A study on Sweden during a Christmas Around the world unit wouldn’t be complete without this Tomten Craft. Known as a magical gnome-like character and protector of households and farms in Sweden, he will make the sweetest bulletin board! Kids will enjoy learning about this mythical creature as they study different countries and their traditions.

White Boomer Craft

If you travel to Australia, make sure you study the White Boomer. In Australia, reindeer don’t help Santa; kangaroos do! These white kangaroos blend in with the snow to discreetly get gifts to little girls and boys on the continent. Learn about this adorable animal and how he helps Santa, and then make your own White Boomer craft to display on the bulletin board.

Wooden Shoe Craft

While in the Netherlands, teach kids about the wooden shoe and the traditions they hold during the Christmas season. St. Nicholas leaves little treats in the shoes of children in this country if they leave them outside their door. It’s such a fun tradition to learn about. These wooden shoes will look amazing adorning your walls.

Yule Log Craft

In your last stop for Christmas Around the World, be sure to study the Yule Log from France. The Yule Log is also known as a Buche De Noel and is a delicious dessert enjoyed by all. Make this traditional dessert and let your kids create their own beautiful craft to hang up.

You will love how simple these crafts are to prep and create. They each come with step-by-step instructions for printing and piecing them together. Save the templates for years to come. Enjoy creating these 11 Christmas Around the World crafts with your kids, and Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Around the World Crafts
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