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How to Create a Rainbow Flower Craft for St. Patrick’s Day and Spring

I’m so excited for spring to be on its way and for the warmer weather to be just around the corner. Winter has been nice, but there’s something truly refreshing about springtime. One of my favorite ways to celebrate spring is by doing tons of spring crafts with the kids. I tuck these away for rainy days to get us through to the warmer days. Try this Rainbow Flower Craft with your kids and discuss spring, colors, rainbows, and anything else you can think of.

rainbow flower craft activity for kids

Materials Needed for a Rainbow Flower Craft

Not many items are needed to complete this craft. If you have done my crafts before, you most likely have everything you need to begin. To get started with this craft, you will need the downloadable template, colorful construction paper or cardstock, scissors, and glue.

Prepping the Flower Craft

To make this craft, follow the step-by-step instructions included in the download. There are two ways to prep the craft.


      1. Print the template onto white cardstock and cut the pieces out. Use those pieces to trace the shapes onto colorful cardstock or construction paper. This is a great option if you want to save paper and don’t mind tracing and cutting out multiple pieces. If you are only making a few crafts, it allows you to prep the materials without using printer ink. Then, store the templates for next year.

      1. The next option is to print the template directly onto colored cardstock or construction paper. Once you have printed the template, cut them directly out of the paper. There’s no need for tracing with this option, but you’ll have to print the templates again next year.

    rainbow flower craft activity for kids - printable template

    How to Put the Craft Together

    Putting the rainbow flower craft together is simple. I have included instructions for you and your kids to follow as well.


        1. Start by gluing the flower petals behind the face of the flower. Make sure you arrange them far enough apart that there are no spaces once they are all added.

        1. Next, glue the stem behind the flower petals.

        1. Then, glue the pot down at the base of the stem in the front.

        1. Finally, add your facial features, and you’re done!

      If you choose to have your kids color their own flower craft, print the templates onto plain paper and let the kids color and cut out the pieces. This is a great way to add in extra fine motor practice.

      rainbow flower craft activity for kids - coloring template

      Why Make a Rainbow Flower Craft

      The rainbow flower craft is perfect for many occasions, but here are some of the best times to use it.


          • Use the craft to invite spring into the home or classroom

          • Grab the craft to celebrate St. Patrick’s day

          • Talk about rainbows and the colors on the petals

          • Crafts are great for practicing fine motor skills, including cutting, coloring, and gluing.

          • Pair it with a book or story about spring, rainbows, or St. Patrick’s Day.

        There’s no wrong time to use a flower craft! If you don’t want the petals to be rainbow in color, choose a solid color to celebrate spring and growing plants. Let kids choose which color they would like their flower to be or allow them to create a pattern. There are so many possibilities.

        St. Patrick’s Day Craft Bundle

        If you are looking for more fun rainbow crafts and crafts that focus on St. Patrick’s day, check out the whole bundle. There are 8 different crafts to choose from, including:


            • How to Catch a Leprechaun Craft – Kids write about how they would catch a leprechaun in March.

            • If I Were a Leprechaun Writing Craft – Kids share what they would do if they were a leprechaun for a day.

            • Leprechaun Kids Craft – These crafts look adorable up on the walls during March.

            • My Pot of Gold Craft Writing – Kids share what they would do with a pot of gold.

            • Over the Rainbow Pot of Gold – This craft includes a pot of gold and a beautiful rainbow.

            • Rainbow Flower Craft – Create a spring flower or talk about rainbows.

            • St. Patrick’s Day Clover Craft – This cute clover man is a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day or the month of March.

            • Trapped Leprechaun Craft – Kids detail how they caught a leprechaun or what they would do if they found one.

          These crafts are perfect for the month of March and for the approaching spring weather. Grab them and keep your kids bust for all of March!

          Check out the Rainbow Flower Craft in action below!

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          rainbow flower craft activity for kids
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