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Now That’s a Friendly Reindeer Craft Kids Will Love!

If you are looking for an adorable, friendly reindeer craft, this activity is for you. The simple cut-and-paste pages are easy for kids, young and old. Use the craft for fun fine motor activities, holiday celebrations, rewards, and more. Take a look at this fun craft below and get ready for the holidays with a smile.

Friendly reindeer craft for kids

What’s Included in the Reindeer Craft

Simple crafts are always the best! If I have to prep too much, I’m not motivated to complete it. These crafts are always super simple and require some paper, glue, and scissors! When you download this Reindeer Craft, you will get all of the pieces needed to complete the reindeer. That includes:

  • A photograph of the craft activity
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Templates that can be copied directly onto colored cardstock or construction paper and then cut out by students. 
  • Labeled templates that can be xeroxed onto cardstock, cut by the teacher, and then traced onto colored paper and cut by students. Labels will include the name of the pattern, the color to use, and how many of each pattern to cut (Ex, Body Cut 1 Red).
  • Coloring templates (a separate 2-page PDF to send to your students for distance learning)

Here’s a little peek at how simple it is.

Many Writing Prompts to Choose From

A good craft always comes with a little writing activity! Get the kids used to writing words, sentences, or paragraphs with these fun prompts.

  • JOY
  • I feel JOY when…
  • I am happy when…
  • This Christmas…
  • All About Reindeers
  • If I could fly…
  • If I were Rudolph…

Some of the prompts encourage a little imagination, while others get kids thinking about their own lives. Of course, you can use your own prompts as well! Make the writing process fun with a prompt that relates to the kids.

Writing templates for reindeer craft

How to Use the Reindeer Craft

A craft doesn’t always have to have a purpose other than some classroom fun, but if you need a reason to use one, here are a few.

  • Use the craft for a study on the letter r.
  • Practice fine motor skills in preschool and kindergarten.
  • Decorate bulletin boards with reindeer.
  • Put up door and hallway decorations.
  • Add the craft to small group stations.
  • Pair it with a worksheet, activity, or book.
  • Invite kids to do the craft during a reward or class party.
  • Have parents help with the craft during a holiday party.
  • Set it out for morning work in the winter.

The Reindeer Craft is always a hit around the holidays. Let kids name their sweet reindeer, and they will enjoy showing it off once it’s done.

Reindeer Books to Pair with the Craft

Books are so much fun to read before doing a craft. Students will be mesmerized by a funny story and get excited to make their own matching reindeer.

  • The Grumpy Reindeer – Everyone has grumpy days. Learn why this reindeer is so grumpy and what helps turn their day around. Invite kids to write about a time when they were grumpy.
  • How to Catch a Reindeer – Kids will love this hilarious story about trying to catch reindeer for Santa’s sleigh! After you read, let kids write how they might catch a reindeer.
  • Olive, the Other Reindeer – Olive thinks she’s a reindeer because of the catchy words to the song! Join her as she discovers a few things about herself!
Friendly reindeer craft for kids - pair with writing activity

I hope you and your kids love this friendly Reindeer Craft as much as my kids do! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more amazing crafts, and thanks for reading!

Happy Holidays!

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Friendly reindeer craft for kids
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