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A Fun Jackie Robinson Craft for Kids of All Ages With 5 Writing Prompts

If you celebrate Black History Month in your classroom or learn about Jackie Robinson, this craft is for you! The Jackie Robinson Craft is a simple craft to put together, featuring several different writing templates. Use the craft throughout February or as a fun way to conduct research. Read more below to learn more!

Jackie Robinson Craft with writing activity.

Who is Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League Baseball player! He started playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. He opened the door for more people of color to play the sport. Since then, hundreds of men and women have joined the sport.

Use some of these titles to help research Jackie Robinson or read them to the class as a fun way to introduce the activity!

  • The Story of Jackie Robinson by Andrea Thorpe – This is a great title to have on hand when introducing students to research. Read the book to them as a group or set it in your library for them to conduct their research.
  • I Am Jackie Robinson by Brad Meltzer – These simple books are always great for teaching preschool and kindergarten students about historical figures. The series covers many great people over the years.
  • Who Was Jackie Robinson by Gail Herman – This is another great book to have on hand for research or class read-aloud. It has great facts about Jackie Robinson and beautiful pictures.
  • A Big Day For Baseball (Magic Treehouse) by Mary Pope Osborne – If you read chapter books to your students, dedicate a week or so to reading this fun story. It’s a different take on learning about Jackie Robinson; the kids will love the other characters.
Jackie Robinson Craft with writing activity.

What is Included in the Jackie Robinson Craft?

This craft has a detailed template to print off and use with students. Kids can also use several writing prompts once they put their craft together.

These include:

  • Jackie Robinson
  • All About Jackie Robinson
  • Black History Month
  • Jackie Robinson was important because…
  • What I Learned About Jackie Robinson

You can also use a blank template to let the kids write their findings as they research or add what they already know about Jackie Robinson. You may have some big baseball fans who want to write a lot! Once they are finished, they will be proud to share their hard work on the bulletin board or walls.

Jackie Robinson Craft with writing activity.

How to Complete the Jackie Robinson Craft

To create this fun Jackie Robinson craft, print off the templates onto colored paper. If you want students to color their craft, print the template onto white cardstock and give them crayons or colored pencils to decorate. Print off your desired writing template, as well.

Start by gluing the hair to the face. Then, add the hat on top. Next, add your facial features. Glue the whole head onto your writing template of choice. Add the arms and the baseball, and you are all done! Display the craft on your bulletin board for everyone to see!

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to assemble the craft!

More Black History Crafts

If you want tons of crafts for Black History Month, use the Black History Month Crafts Bundle. There are 8 crafts total to use throughout the month. You can also spread them out throughout the year to teach kids about important historical figures all year long. The crafts included in the bundle are:

  • Booker T. Washington Craftivity
  • Frederick Douglass Craftivity
  • George Washington Carver Craftivity
  • Harriet Tubman Craftivity
  • Jackie Robinson Craftivity
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Craftivity
  • Rosa Parks Craftivity
  • Ruby Bridges Craftivity

I hope you and your kids enjoy this sweet Jackie Robinson Craft and can use it to learn some fun facts about the amazing man! As always, happy crafting!

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Jackie Robinson Craft with writing activity.
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