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A Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle Filled With Love

I love Valentine’s Day! Sure, it’s a cheesy Hallmark holiday, but kids get excited to share their love for one another. If you are looking for adorable crafts to do with students during February, keep reading. I have a Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle fit for a king!

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle

How to Use Valentine’s Day Crafts With Kids

Valentine’s Day Crafts are great for many things during February. Not sure how to utilize them with young kids? Here are just a few ways:

  • Place Valentine’s Day crafts in fine motor centers to help strengthen small muscles as they cut and glue paper together.
  • Work on crafts as a morning work activity to welcome another amazing day. Get into the routine of completing a craft every Friday for fun.
  • Create these Valentine’s Day crafts to gift to friends and loved ones. Write a little personalized note on the back before giving them away.
  • Use the crafts to practice the letter V and all the words that start with V. Valentine’s Day is a great time to do this.
  • If you throw a classroom party in February, use the Valentine’s Day crafts bundle to let students choose from various activities.

Which Crafts are Included in the Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle?

Now that you know how to use the crafts, let’s dive into which crafts are in this fun February bundle. There are 10 crafts, each with adorable characters and sayings!

A Super Fun Lion Craft

The Lion Craft is a super cute way to start February. Use these adorable lions to decorate your bulletin board. Kids will enjoy gifting these to loved ones on the 14th!

Donut You Know How Much I Like You Craft

Everyone loves something sweet! This donut craft is no exception. It makes a super cute card or gift for a loved one and is easy to create!

A Super Sweet Cupcake Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - cupcake

Create the cupcake craft using an assortment of different colored papers. Let kids pick and choose their colors to make a rainbow on the wall.

Classic Valentine’s Day Heart

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - heart with arrow

Practice spelling names using this sweet heart, arrow, and colorful letters! It’s a great craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners learning to write their names.

Dinosaur Craft From the Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - dinosaur

Check out this ROARsome craft! The cute spikes going down its spine are hearts; the finished activity will be admired by anyone who receives it.

A Cute Snappy Alligator Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - alligator

Kids will enjoy creating this alligator craft for their friends!! They can attach a piece of candy or a pack of bubbles, and it’s the best Valentine ever!

A Monkey Craft You’ll Go Bananas Over

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - monkey

I love the simplicity of this monkey craft! Different prompts can be attached, making it super versatile!

A Lovable Truck Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - truck

You can’t go wrong with a cute truck craft! Kids will enjoy coloring their trucks and adding their personal touches!

Pig Craft From the Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - pig craft

This Valentine’s Day pig is made of little hearts! How cute! Talk about different shapes as kids create their sweet piggies.

Cupid Craft

Valentine's Day Crafts Bundle - cupid

Let Cupid shoot a little love into your life with this craft! Have kids create their own and pin them on the wall to brighten the room.

There! That’s all of the crafts in the Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle! I hope you love them.

More Valentine’s Day Crafts Bundle Fun!

If you like the craft above, you will love the BIG Valentine’s Day Craft Bundle! This bundle combines 20 of my Valentine’s Day crafts, giving you even more options!

In addition to the 10 crafts listed above, you will get access to:

  • Bee Mine Craft
  • I Think You are Purr-fect Valentine’s Craft
  • I Toad-ally Love You Craft
  • I’m Hooked Valentine’s Craft
  • My Heart Pops For You, Craft
  • Owl Always Love You, Craft
  • Sweethearts Name Craft
  • I Love You Beary Much Craft
  • Valentine Kid Craft

I hope you enjoy all of these Valentine’s Day crafts and can use them throughout the whole month of February! As always, thanks for reading, and let me know if I can help!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Day Craft Bundle
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