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10 Halloween Writing Crafts Your Students Will Love!

Halloween is almost here and it’s my favorite time of year. Bring on the pumpkins, cool weather, and spooky sights. Is your classroom ready for it? Today I’m sharing 10 Halloween writing crafts that will not only bring the Halloween feel to your classrooms, hallways, and bulletin boards but will also be must-have favorites to create year after year! From pumpkins, to zombies, and even mad scientists this post has got you covered for this time of year.

1. Pumpkin Easy Writing Craft

This easy pumpkin craft is fun and accommodating for several ages.  For instance, have preschoolers skip the writing prompt and just make the pumpkin alone.  So cute!  For Kindergarteners I recommend having them write 2-4 words that describe a pumpkin.  Then for first to third graders, have them write 1-2 sentences about a pumpkin.

2. Candy Corn Craft

The best part about Halloween is the candy!  At least that’s what my daughter says.  This “I was counting all my candy when…” writing prompt is a fun story telling prompt.  You’ll get so many unique responses!  Be sure to let students snack on a few candy corns while they work as an added bonus.

3. How to Make a Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Carving a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition in our family.  In this craftivity, students work on their procedural writing and write the steps they would take to make a jack-o-lantern. Before working on this one, you could demonstrate how to carve a pumpkin (using a real pumpkin) in front of the whole class.  This is a great opportunity to talk about the different parts of the pumpkin; shell, seeds, stem etc.!

4. If I Were a Zombie Craft

Eeek!  I’m not sure how it happened but Zombies are really “in” with kids right now. In this craftivity, students pretend they are a zombie and write about it!  While most zombies are super scary to be around, these ones will be cute and friendly.

5. If I Were a Mad Scientist Craft

This one isn’t a traditional Halloween writing prompt, but I sure love it.  After all wasn’t it a mad scientist that created Frankenstein? What would your students create if they were a mad scientist?  Let’s find out in this science friendly craftivity. Take this a step further and pair it with a fun Halloween experiment! Here are a few to choose from:

  1. Wizards Brew
  2. Dissolving Candy Pumpkins
  3. Spooking Expanding Ghost

6. My Witch’s Brew Craft

How do you make Witch’s brew? Let’s find out! Have your students write their own witch’s brew recipe (maybe discuss a few fun ingredients with them as a whole class first! Eyeballs anyone?). Afterwards, make witch’s brew for your class and read a witch themed story. Here are two recipes I liked:

  1. Magic Potion Punch
  2. Witch’s Brew Punch

7. If I Were Frankenstein Craft

Frankly, this Frankenstein themed craft will make an adorable Halloween themed bulletin board.  I also like the idea of students earning this activity as a reward day and then pairing it with Frankenstein Phlegm Slime.  After you make it, let students have some free time to manipulate it at their desks.  They will be talking about their Frankenstein themed day all week!  Here’s the recipe to the slime:

Frankenstein Phlegm Slime

8. If I Were a Jack-O-Lantern Craft

What’s it like to be a Jack-O-Lantern?  I’m not sure, but your students will tell us.  I love the idea of bringing in a small pumpkin for each student and letting them make a face on it with a black marker before they do this craft.  Let it sit on the corner of their desk or in view; It might just inspire their writing!

9. If I Were a Vampire Craft

Pick up some vampire teeth (can be found in the Target dollar spot) for your class and have students wear them while they work on this vampire craftivity.  Be sure to snap some photos of your students with their teeth in! 

10. My Trick-or-Treat Safety Rules Craft

This FREE writing craftivity is a must before students go trick-or-treating.  As a class discuss ways students can be safe when they go trick-or-treating on Halloween.  Then have them make the craft and write the rules you brainstormed on it or their own.  They can take it home and share it with their parents. Grab the freebie here.

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Laura Bensley

Laura Bensley

Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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Hi, I’m Laura and I am the creator of Crafty Bee Creations.  I am a former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.  I have a passion for designing craft resources that are not only fun and engaging but work children’s fine motor skills too! 


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