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Under the Sea Scuba Diver Craft for Summer

At the end of the year, we talk a lot about summer activities and what we will do while away from school. Many kids take trips with their families, go on cruises, and hit the beach. I like to give them a glimpse into the world of scuba diving with this fun Scuba Diver Craft. I have also used it as a welcome to a new school year activity! The kids love “diving” into a great year. I’m excited to share all the cool ways you can use it with your kiddos.

Under the sea Personalized Scuba Diver Craft for kids with writing prompts.

Writing Prompts Included

This Scuba Diving Craft is great because it comes with six different writing prompts. Based on your kids needs and their grade level, you can choose from a variety of engaging topics.

Some classes do research projects about the ocean. You can use the “All About The Ocean” Prompt to get kids to write about what they have learned. They can use their research to compose their sentences and then attach the craft.

Learning about the ocean means learning about ocean animals! Use “My Ocean Animal Report” to let kids record everything they know about an ocean animal of their choice. We have used sites like PebbleGo to do online research about all kinds of animals and the kids love that they can do it themselves.

While talking about ocean animals, you can also use the “In the Ocean, I will see…” or “If I went scuba diving, I would see…”. These writing prompts are great for sparking discussions about different animals they assume will be found while scuba diving. I really enjoy hearing kids’ ideas. There’s always someone that says they’ll see a shark or a barracuda.

This scuba diver craft if featured with the writing prompt: If I went scuba diving I would see... It has colorful plastic ocean animals and a pencil lying nearby.

More Ideas for the Scuba Diver

Almost every child has been to the beach. Most have swam in the ocean, so we like to do the “Swimming in the Ocean would be fun because…” to let students share their experiences. I love learning which students have gone into deep water, which have only stood in the waves, and which have never seen the coast yet!

Additionally, there is a blank writing template so that you can have your students write about anything you’d like. They could write about a career as a scuba diver or a scuba diver they saw in a movie. There are so many open-ended possibilities.

Personalized scuba diver craft with student's writing on the prompt. The face of the craft is a picture of a real child.

I like to personalize this scuba diver craft by taking a picture of each child and downloading it to my computer. Then, I print it off on a colored printer and we cut their adorable faces out and attach them to the scuba diver craft. The kids love seeing their own faces hanging up around the room.

Bulletin Board Ideas

Every teacher loves a punny bulletin board display. You can use this craft as a “Dive Into Summer” display to send kids off! You could also have it up during school events to showcase student learning and say “Swim Through The Coral Reef”. That makes for a brightly colored hallway display.

Three scuba diver crafts hanging on a string by colorful clothespins. Two are cartoon faces and the third is a real child's face.

Librarians have used this Scuba Diver Craft to encourage students to “Dive Into a Good Book” and placed the scuba divers next to some student’s favorite books. Speech therapists have used it to practice writing speech words and target sounds they are working on in the summer.

It also makes a great Back to School Shark themed display. You can have the kids make a graph about whether they would like to swim with sharks and attach the kids as little divers. If you’re super creative, make paper chain seaweed to hang from the ceiling and place the divers up there above the kids’ heads. The display could say, “We are Diving into a Great Year!”

What Teachers Are Saying About This Craft

“All of your templates are made with quality. It was great to have a choice of construction paper templates or xeroing templates. My students are going to love this craft with writing. Thank you!”

Two scuba diver crafts hanging on the white board. One has a writing prompt on it and the other does not.

“Absolutely wonderful pattern for these cute scuba guys. My kinder-bears are going to love sharing what they have learned about the ocean habitat with these new little friends. Thank you.”

“Loved this activity my students had such a great time with this. They were so focused. It was very simple to complete and so easy to follow. Thank you!!”

Ocean Animals Bundle

If you study ocean habitats and animals and need more craft ideas, check out my Ocean Crafts Bundle. It’s full of a variety of sea animals, including jellyfish, octopus, dolphins, sharks, crabs, starfish and MORE! There are 13 different ocean animals crafts, including these scuba divers. It’s a great bundle if you are hoping to decorate your classroom with a wide variety of ocean creatures.

I hope you enjoy this fun summer craft and all the possibilities that come with it!

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