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Let’s Label an Apple – An Exciting Fall Writing Craft

If you do an apply study with your kids during the fall, this Apple Craftivity is for you. When the cooler weather comes, we really enjoy learning about apples, pumpkins and all things fall. We usually start with apples! We talk about different kinds of apples, how they grow, when they grow and the parts of the apple. This cute craft will help you teach your kids about the parts of the apple!

This label an apple activity is the perfect fall craft for preschool or kindergarten during back to school

Prepping the Apple Craft

Getting ready for this craft is simple! All you need are the templates and a printer. You have three options for templates.

  1. Print the templates onto colored cardstock or construction paper so everything is already the correct colors.
  2. Print the templates onto white cardstock to create labeled templates that your students can use as tracers and then you can use them year after year.
  3. Print the coloring page template for kids to color and decorate themselves.

All of the templates will have to be cut out and assembled to create the craft.

The apple labeling activity can be printed on colored cardstock or a coloring page.


The apples can be printed on colored cardstock or the coloring pages. Both versions are fantastic for fine motor skills.

What’s Included?

This craft comes with the necessary templates to complete the craftivity. It also comes with step-by-step directions for completing the craft. There is also a completed picture of the craft so you know what it should look like when your kiddos are finished.

This craft is a labeling activity, so there are six labels included for each part of the apple. The parts of the apple included are:

  • stem
  • leaf
  • core
  • seeds
  • flesh
  • skin

Students cut out each of the six labels and glue them to their apple. If you have young students who can’t cut well, you can pre-cut the labels and hand them out.

The apple labeling craft comes with six labels including skin, seeds, stem, flesh, core and leaf.


Kids love labeling the parts of the apple after learning about apples.

Ways to Use the Apple Craft

There are so many ways to use this activity, but one of my favorites is to use it while learning about apples in the fall. We cut open a real apple and check out all the things we notice. The kids usually point out the seeds and the red skin (assuming we use a red apple). I show them the star shape that seeds make in the center and sometimes we do apple prints with paint for fun.

If we have the time, we make our own apple sauce in a crockpot. We write about whether we liked the applesauce or not and talk about how it tasted. We also taste different kinds of apples and vote on the best one! That’s always a fun snack and activity combined in one.

We do this apple labeling craft once we have studied apples a bit and display our art. I usually put up a bulletin board saying like, “This Class is Apple-solutely Awesome”!

This apple labeling craft has been colored by a student.


The craft can be pasted onto a larger sheet of construction paper or left as pictured above.

If you’re looking for another apple craft, you can check out this Apple Pal Craft from my free resource library!

I hope you enjoy this labeling activity with your kiddos!

Take a look of this craft in action below!

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