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Community Helper Crafts 2 – Second Big Bundle

I recently shared my big bundle of community helper crafts and now I want to share a second community helpers craft bundle I created. Think about common community helpers. Did you think of firefighters, police officers, doctors, and teachers? If you ask kids who helps out in our community, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their answers. This bundle was created based off the idea that EVERYONE is a helper in our community.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

Some community helpers you may not think of are a florist, a hair dresser, a lifeguard, a mechanic and even a parent or guardian! These adorable community helpers will have kids smiling as they realize just how many community helpers there are where we live.

All of the community helper crafts can be found in my Community Helper Crafts Bundle 2.

Use The Community Helper Crafts For All Sorts Of Things

The uses for these community helper crafts are endless. The crafts are great for community helper week or career day. There are enough community helpers for you to focus on one each day and complete a craft for each helper!

Additionally, you can create a career day themed bulletin board and have each child choose a community helper craft to complete. Then, display their artwork on the bulletin board. The kids will enjoy writing sweet things about the workers. You can even send the notes to local community helpers that will appreciate sweet words from kiddos.

Lifegaurd crafts is a cute community helper craft for the summer.

Also, you can have students write about what they want to be when they grow up and why. After they finish writing about it, they can create their own craft to represent the job they picked. You’ll have some creative kids writing about wanting to be a dentist, a mommy, a firefighter and more!

Assembling the Community Helper Crafts

To assemble the crafts, all you need are the included step-by-step instructions and a printer. You can print the templates onto plain white paper or colored construction paper. All of the templates are easy to cut out, so you can cut them before students do the activity or have students do it themselves.

Mommy and Daddy community helper crafts are a cute way to celebrate careers.

Follow the simple instructions to assemble the crafts using gluesticks. The crafts pair great with a writing prompt and make a show stopping bulletin board display for any time of year.

Community Helper Crafts Bundles

If you missed the first community helpers bundle, you can find it HERE. This bundle has 10 crafts to choose from including: mail carrier, teacher, doctor, construction worker, nurse, veterinarian, firefighter, farmer, police officer and chef.

Interested in BOTH of the bundles? You can purchase the Community Helpers Crafts BIG Bundle HERE. This big bundle has 20 crafts to choose from. This bundle will allow you to create crafts all year long for amazing bulletin boards, epic thank you notes and all sorts of other activities.

I hope you enjoy these community helper crafts and all of the bundles! Happy Crafting!

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Laura Bensley

Laura Bensley

Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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Hi, I’m Laura and I am the creator of Crafty Bee Creations.  I am a former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.  I have a passion for designing craft resources that are not only fun and engaging but work children’s fine motor skills too! 


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