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Ways to Make a Camping Craft Fun for Everyone

Let’s go camping! Camping is always such a fun time for both kids and adults. Sure there are bugs and it can get messy, but the experience creates amazing memories that will last forever. I still have memories of going camping with family and friends. We would drive up to the mountains for the big camping spots and hike around during the day. We would play in the woods and stay up late! That’s what childhood memories are made of.

Use this camping craft to get kids excited for a camping trip, to study the letter C, or to kick off a new school year in a camping themed classroom. The completed project comes with a writing template so kids are able to reflect as well. How fun!

Camping Craft

Parts of the Camping Craft

This Camping Craft is super simple to prepare and so much fun to complete. All you have to do is print your templates on colorful cardstock for durability. Construction paper also works great for this craft.

If you don’t want to print the templates directly onto colored paper, it’s just as easy to print them on plain white paper to be colored. The kids always love coloring their own crafts and it gives them little more to work on.

Camping Crafts

How to Use the Camping Craft

The camping craft is easy to use for any activity you may have in mind. If you have a camping themed classroom, this activity is perfect for decorating the room. Hang the completed artwork up on the wall for a short period of time or all year long. The kids will love seeing their hard work displayed and it creates a sense of community with the kids.

Teaching preschool and kindergarten means working on lots and lots of letter sounds. Use this craft to talk about the letter C. The camping craft is a fun way to wrap up a study on the letter and to practice fine motor skills.

Camping Crafts

Camping Read Alouds for Kids

  • Marsh Mellow by JJ Landis – When Marsh Mellow falls off his comfy grocery store shelf, he learns that not everybody is as kind as his friends back home. He meets a few disgrunted grocery friends but eventually figures out that most people are kind and will help you find your way back home. This is such a cute and silly story. Your kids will love reading it as they do their Camping Craft.
  • Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland – Working together as a team is difficult. Bear, Moose, and Beaver discover this on their canoeing trip. They start quarelling quickly and can’t seem to figure out how to solve their problems. In time, they realize that things are better when you work together. This is a great story about teamwork and setting aside your differences.
  • Pete the Cat Goes Camping by James Dean – We all love Pete the Cat! On this adventure, Pete goes camping. He’s so excited to experience fishing, sleeping under the stars, campfires, s’mores, and hiking. When he hears about the legend of Bigfoot though, he gets a little nervous! Kids will love reading this story and learning about all the things they can do while camping.

Camping Crafts

Fun Camping Writing Promps

Once kids create their adorable camping craft, they can complete a fun writing prompt to tie it all together. These writing prompts are perfect for preschool children all the way up to elementary school aged kids. Here are the prompts included:

  • I’m a happy camper because …
  • I like camping because …
  • I do not like camping because …
  • When I go camping …
  • How to make S’mores …
  • My camping supply list
  • If I spent the night in a tent …
  • Let’s Sleep Under the Stars!

These fun writing prompts will get kids talking about their experiences and what they love about camping. They always love sharing their writing with adults and other students.

If you like this camping craft, you will love my Camping Crafts Bundle! This bundle has 17 amazing crafts to do with your kiddos. The crafts include:

  • Backpack Kids Craft
  • Bear Craft
  • Camper Craft
  • Camping Kids Craft
  • Compass Craft
  • Evergreen Tree Craft
  • Fire Pit Craft
  • Fishing Kids Craft
  • Flashlight Craft
  • Forest Rangers Craft
  • Hot Dog Craft
  • Lantern Craft
  • Owl Craft
  • Racoon Craft
  • Sleeping Bag Kids Craft
  • S’mores Man Craft
  • Tackle Box Name Craft

Grab these fun camping crafts and enjoy crafting all summer long!

Check out the craft in action below!

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Camping Craft
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