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17 Camping Crafts That Will Make Your Summer Fun

If you are trying to find some fun camping crafts to do with your kids this summer, look no further. I have created a camping crafts bundle complete with 17 fun crafts. These crafts are the perfect addition to your camping-themed bulletin board or your camping festivities. Take a look at all the exciting options there are to choose from.

Camping Crafts

Sleeping Under the Stars Camping Crafts

When I think of camping, I think of sleeping under the stars in sleeping bags. These adorable sleeping bag crafts are a cute way to discuss camping and all of the fun things you can do outdoors.

Camping crafts

The kids can even make their own happy campers in tents and then write about camping. Students can write about why they are happy campers or what they would do if they spent the night in a tent. These simple crafts are fun activities to prepare kids for a camping trip and they make cute bulletin board displays when they are done.

Camping Craft

Not everyone camps in a tent! Some families break out their fancy campers and hit the woods. These cute campers are another great way to talk about camping and all the ways people spend the night outside. These crafts can be printed on cardstock or coloring templates. Kids will enjoy both versions!

Camping Crafts

Camping Crafts Useful for Packing

As your and your kids study camping, you may discuss backpacking and what it involves. The kids will love learning that adults and children like to go on adventures outdoors taking in the scenery and enjoying the wildlife. These backpacking crafts are a cute way to show kids what that might look like.

Camping Crafts

Campers may also go fishing! These personalized tackle boxes are a fun and adorable way to celebrate camping and to practice fine motor skills. Kids will also get to work on letter recognition and spelling their names!

Camping Crafts

On top of the tackle box crafts, kids can create their own fisherman crafts. They get to add a fisherman’s hat and a cute little fish. If you have a fishing or camping themed classroom, these crafts are perfect for your bulletin boards!

Camping Crafts

What Should I Pack to Go Camping?

When we go camping, we always make sure we bring the essentials. You never know what might happen in the woods, so it’s important to be prepared. Lanterns are an essential item in the woods, since there are no lights besides the stars. Kids will enjoy making their own lantern crafts as you discuss camping.

Camping Crafts

Another tool to light the way is a flashlight. These are perfect for seeing at night and for telling spooky campfire stories! Let kids create their own flashlight on colored cardstock or by coloring their own template.

Camping Crafts

The most important thing to bring on a camping trip is food! Be sure to bring your favorites, like hot dogs! These sweet hot dog crafts are a fun way to talk about easy food to make on a camping trip. I remember always eating hotdogs when we went camping as kids. Nothing beats food on a campsite grill or fire.

Camping Crafts

If you are backpacking through the woods or exploring deep in the forest, don’t forget your handy dandy compass. This tool is a fun camping craft to create because you will be able to talk about directionality with you kids. They enjoy learning about directions and having their own compass to show off.

 Camping Crafts

You won’t be able to pack it (unless you pack a grill) but you should make sure you have some way to start a fire. This will keep everyone warm as the sun goes down and allow you to cook your food. Let kids make their own campfire craft and then tell silly stories while sitting around them. They’ll get a kick out of it.

Camping Crafts

One of the MOST essential items to pack on a camping trip is ingredients for s’mores! This is probably one of my favorite parts of camping and my favorite camping craft from this bundle. The ooey-gooey treat is a fan favorite and so fun to create (both the real thing and the craft).

Camping Crafts

Wildlife Camping Crafts

When you go camping, you will see plenty of trees! Keep your eyes out for evergreen trees. Have your kids create their own evergreen trees to hang up around the room. The kids can color them or piece them together using colored cardstock.

Camping Crafts

You may encounter some fun wildlife too, like these owls! Listen for them making sounds in the trees at night. Kids will love making their own owl craft. It’s the perfect summertime camping craft.

Camping Crafts

While they are cute, keep your eyes out for raccoons. They might try to steal your food, so keep it wrapped up tight or hidden away. Let kids get busy creating their own raccoon craft to display. I love how adorable these crafts are and kids always enjoy making them.

Camping Crafts

Another animal to look out for is the bear! You won’t want to come across them in the woods, but you can probably stomach making this sweet bear craft! This craft is also great for learning about bears or studying animals.

Camping Crafts

Use these amazing Camping Crafts to celebrate summer and all things camping. They are great for bulletin boards or for a camping-themed classroom. Your kids will absolutely love creating these to decorate the room.

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Camping Crafts
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Laura Bensley

Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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