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An American Bald Eagle Craft: Great for Research

Trying to find a fun craft to celebrate Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and more? This American Bald Eagle Craft is a fun way to learn about the amazing creatures and to celebrate our American holidays.

In 1782 the Bald Eagle was chosen as the symbol, or emblem, or the United States of America. At the time, the beautiful bird only existed in North America, so it made sense to label it as our symbol. It is a symbol of pride and is meant to encourage and maintain a sense of patriotism in the country. You can see these beautiful creatures on the American quarter!

American Bald Eagle Craft

Making the American Bald Eagle Craft

The American Bald Eagle craft is extremely simple to prep and create. Simply download the template to your computer and use it to print onto plain or colored cardstock.

I like to print the head on white cardstock or construction paper, the wings and body on brown, the feet on orange, and the beak on yellow. Get as creative as you would like, these are just the typical eagle colorings.

Cut the pieces out and then glue them together. Don’t forget to add the eyes! There are also writing prompts that pair nicely with the bald eagle craft. The finished product makes a fun bulletin board display after completing a research project or a patriotic display around the holidays.

American Bald Eagle Craft
The writing prompts that come with this craft are perfect for research or just for fun!

Bald Eagle Writing Prompts

This Bald Eagle Craft is also great for a writing activity. The craft comes with 5 different writing prompts differentiated for students. Choose the prompts based on what the kids are learning about and use multiple if you have the time. Here are the different prompts to choose from:

  • I like the American Bald Eagle because …
  • The Bald Eagle is …
  • Facts about the Bald Eagle
  • If I were a Bald Eagle …

You can of course create your own writing prompts to use with your kids if these don’t match what you need! The craft is extremely versatile. We like to do research about the eagles and then record what we have found. It’s a great way to introduce research and practice our writing skills.

American Bald Eagle Craft
Kids will love coloring their own bald eagle craft at home or in the classroom!

Instead of printing the craft onto cardstock or construction paper, print it onto white paper. The kids will enjoy coloring and decorating their eagle all by themselves. This is a fun fine motor activity for preschool students as well as kids in kindergarten, first, second grade, and beyond! Teachers love using coloring activities in the classroom.

Watch how easy it is to prep and create this patriotic bald eagle craft in this video!

American Bald Eagle Craft
Print the templates on colored cardstock or plain paper for kids to color and piece together.

Ways to Use the Bald Eagle Craft


There are tons of ways to use this bald eagle craft, including reading fun books with your kids. Here are a few bald eagle books you may enjoy:

  • Beauty and the Beak by Deborah Lee Rose
  • Eagle and Birds of Prey by David Burnie
  • The Bald Eagle by Norman Pearl

Head over to your local library and find plenty of fun bald eagle books. There are some great books that teach students all about them and serve as educational research books!

Bulletin Board

Once your kids have created their bald eagle craft and done their research, display their artwork on the wall with facts about bald eagles. Print out the facts on strips of paper to hang above them.

Many schools have the eagle as their mascot! This is the perfect craft to display at the front of the school or in the school library.

Studying Letters

If your kids are studying different letters, use the bald eagle craft to study the letter e or the letter b! Talk about other words that start with the same letters and practice writing and reading them around the classroom.

However you choose to use this craft, kids will love learning about bald eagles and making their own crafts. They are always so proud of their hard work and I love seeing how they turn out!

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Bald Eagle Craft
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