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Simple Summer Smores Hat Craft for Camping and Warm Weather

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer, I think of s’mores, watermelon, and pools. There’s something so nostalgic about sitting around a campfire making delicious s’mores and chasing fireflies in the dark. To make this time of year even more fun, add a fun summer craft to the mix. This smores hat craft activity is a great way to celebrate summer and reminisce on everything done during the warm months.

What is a Hat Craft?

Hat crafts are a fun way to celebrate all types of learning. Kids use them a lot in school or after a lesson so they can share their learning with peers and adults. For example, students might learn about the letter A and then parade around in a hat craft that shows words that start with the letter. They are proud to wear it, and they are able to tell their parents and friends about what they learned that day.

While wearing a smores hat craft, they can tell their friends and family about smores. There are tons of ways to use them.

How to Use the Smores Hat Craft

Once your students have created their smores hat craft, invite them to write or draw about the steps to make a s’more. It’s always funny to see if their steps lead to a full s’more or if it ends up in a mess.

These are the perfect craft for an end-of-the-year party or celebration as well. Kids are heading into summer, and the hats are a fun way to send them off.

The hat craft can also be used to talk about the letter S! Students will love learning about a new letter and an object that starts with that letter. It’s perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, or beyond.

Materials Needed for the Smore Craft

To complete this fun craftivity, you will just need the template and some cardstock paper (or construction paper). The template can easily be printed directly onto colored cardstock or onto plain paper. If you print it onto plain paper, use the templates to trace it onto your desired paper. Students will either cut the pieces out themselves, or you can do it ahead of time.

Assembling the Smores Hat Craft

Making this craft is super simple, especially if you have done some of my other craft activities. To put the craft together, make your layers just like a s’more.

  1. Begin by gluing the marshmallow piece to the headband. Use the template or a writing strip of paper.
  2. Add the chocolate piece on top of the marshmallow.
  3. Next, add the graham cracker pieces to the top and bottom.
  4. Finish the hat craft off with the silly eyes.
  5. To attach to the child’s head, wrap the band around their head and then tape or staple the paper to make it snug.

If you want, purchase large googly eyes to use instead of paper eyes. The kids will find the googly eyes wildly funny as they dance around on their heads!

Smores hat craft for the classroom or homeschool setting

More Seasonal Hat Crafts

Hat crafts are a super fun way to learn about different seasons and topics with your young children. Try some of these hat crafts at home or in the classroom. The Seasonal Hat Craft Bundle includes 21 different hat crafts to choose from, and it’s still growing! These are the crafts included so far:

  • Reindeer Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Groundhog’s Day Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Valentine’s Day Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Leprechaun Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Easter Bunny Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Earth Day Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Caterpillar Hat Cut and Paste.
  • May Day Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Sun Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Rainbow Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Smore Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Pirate Parrot Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Apple Hat Cut and Paste.
  • Pumpkin Hat Cut and Paste
  • Scarecrow Hat Cut and Paste
  • Pig Hat Cut and Paste
  • Turkey Hat Cut and Paste
  • Snowman Hat Cut and Paste
  • Tooth Hat Cut and Paste
  • Penguin Hat Cut and Paste
  • Red and White Striped Hat Cut and Paste

I hope you and your kids love completing this fun smores hat craft this summer! Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!

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Smores hat craft for preschool and kindergarten students
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Former preschool teacher turned business owner that now creates educational resources for teachers in the classroom, homeschool, and daycare setting.

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