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G is for Gumball Letter Craft: An Uppercase Alphabet Activity Full of Fun

Kids learning about the alphabet is such a fun concept! They always grasp the letters of their name first and the letters they recognize in the names of loved ones. G is a pretty tricky letter, not only to write but to remember when it comes to sound. The good news is that there are fun ways to remember it, including adorable crafts like this G is for Gumball Craft!

Crafts like this one are so much fun to add to lessons because children remember them for years to come. This G craft incorporates everything you need to work on the letter! Students will get to see a visual representation of the G and practice forming it. Keep reading to see what they will do!

Materials Needed for the Craft

To complete this craft, you will just need the G is for Gumball Craft template and some cardstock or construction paper. Just like any other craft, you will also need scissors and glue to cut the materials apart and piece them together. I recommend using a glue stick because it’s not as messy as a liquid glue.

G is for gumball craft activity for young kids

How to Complete the G is for Gumball Craft

Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete the craft, or check out the image included in the download to see how it works.

  1. Begin by printing your template onto cardstock or construction paper. It’s up to you whether you print on white paper to trace or print directly onto the colors you want to use.
  2. Then, cut out the templates for the kids or, if they are old enough, let them cut out their own pieces. This is great fine motor practice for little ones.
  3. Next, glue the colorful dots or gumballs onto the letter G.
  4. Once the G is filled in with little circles, add the red gumball machine pieces to the top and bottom. Don’t forget the black coin slot!

What’s great about this G is for gumball craft is that you can also print it on a one-page coloring template. Students can color their templates for even more fine motor practice.

G is for Gumball craft for kids

When to Use the G is for Gumball Craft

Crafts are such versatile things to have on hand for kids. They are not only great for the classroom, but they are fantastic to have on hand at home on rainy days or when the kids say, “I’m bored”! Here are some great ideas you can use this craft for.

  • Use the G is for gumball craft to celebrate a reward. If you work in the classroom, set it aside for students to work toward if they love crafts!
  • Print the pieces and use them to work on letter recognition when it comes to the letter G. Kids will think it’s so fun to practice with a gumball machine.
  • Place this craft in small groups to practice fine motor skills or letter sounds. It’s a great activity to end a week working on the letter G.
  • Use this craft in centers for something for kids to complete independently. Display the finished product on the board for them to use as a reference.
  • If you have time, put the uncut dots in a bin for students to cut out when they complete other tasks quickly. They’ll find it fun, and it’s great for their tiny finger muscles.
  • Once complete, this craftivity makes an adorable bulletin board display. Use all of the letter G crafts at once or add one to the wall to complete the whole alphabet.
  • Pair the craft with a worksheet, activity, or book to make things interesting as you study the letter G.

You can also watch the craft in action in this video! I’ll show you how to prep the materials and piece everything together. It’s super simple!

Want a fun craft for every letter of the alphabet? I have you covered with the Uppercase Alphabet Craft Bundle. There’s an adorable craft for each of the 26 letters. If you complete them all, you’ll have the most colorful and cute word wall out there! Some of the crafts include:

  • E is for Elephant
  • I is for Ice Cream
  • L is for Lobster
  • O is for Octopus
  • P is for Pirate
  • T is for Turkey

Be sure to check out all of the alphabet craft activities as well as the lowercase versions! I hope you and your kids enjoy this simple and cute craft! Thanks for being here.

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G is for gumball craft
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